We’re part of the Wayfindr community!

We’re part of the Wayfindr community!

FlyingCodes unique indoor “Turn-by-Turn” navigation technology is now part of the Wayfindr community’s open standard to empower vision impaired people to navigate the world independently.

About FlyingCodes

FlyingCodes™ is simply interactive FlyingCodes™ will be at the forefront of the new mobile-to-machine (M-to-M) connection standards that drive the next generation of mobile interactivity.  We are building an open technology platform that allows developers to develop different applications and products for smartphone users to have the most simply and efficient user experience for mobile interaction.

FlyingCodes™ Real-time “Turn-By-Turn” Guiding is developed using our core patented technology to provides users a brand new guiding experience. It can plan and guide route for users at indoor or outdoor in real-time, allowing users to locate the destination quickly and conveniently.

About Wayfindr

Wayfindr is a non-profit organisation, we are creating a benchmark in standards for digital wayfinding on mobile devices. We want to empower vision impaired people to overcome isolation, through audio based navigation.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has announced that it approved the Wayfindr Open Standard as a global standard [click here for reference]. The new standard, called Recommendation ITU-T F.921, is recognised by the 193 ITU member countries and available for use for all seeking expert guidance on how to build and develop interoperable communications infrastructure.

Wayfindr is the first Open Standard for indoor audio navigation in the world. ITU’s Recommendation ITU-T F.921 means that the Open Standard can be considered as best practice in the design of interoperable, inclusive audio navigation systems to help people with vision impairment as well as other individuals who would benefit from audio navigation.

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