“Smart Places” Session at SXSW – Key Take Outs for CMOs and Agencies

“Smart Places” Session at SXSW – Key Take Outs for CMOs and Agencies

Smart Places and proximity marketing was the focus for a panel at SXSW earlier this week. oOh!’s CMO, Michaela Chan, attended the session during the Million Dollar Pitch world site tour.

Here are her key take-outs from the session that featured speakers from Condé Nast, Heineken and InMarket.


Location based media and proximity marketing provide ways for brands to drive deep engagement with audiences and – quite literally – influence the path to purchase.

Content and experiences can be delivered to a mobile device or via an Out Of Home display, such as oOh’s EXCITE platform, or a combination of the two.

What does best practice look like in proximity marketing and how do CMOs, creatives and other agencies need to alter their approach to make the most of this exciting opportunity?

Keep it simple
The less you ask the consumer to do, the more engagement you will get. Aim for a frictionless experience.

Play to consumer behaviour
Creating or changing behaviour is hard. Apply your understanding of your customer to gain an insight into their current behaviour. That’s the sweet spot for your brand. Engage on their terms.

Market to their moment and intent
Be clear about the relationship between context, place, time and brand, product, message. Specify the desired outcome for your consumer. What is the value of this to your brand?

Think cross platform
How effective will your location-based marketing be if it exists in isolation? How can other channels and platforms support and reinforce the message and extend the experience?

Respect customer data
Be proactive and transparent about how data will be used. Make it easy to opt in. You have a problem if it takes a day to read your privacy statement.

Take advantage of existing platforms
It may not be necessary to create a platform from scratch. Find out what apps and technologies can be integrated ‘out of the box’ into your campaign.

source: http://oohmilliondollarpitch.com.au/campaign-news/proximity-marketing-session-at-sxsw-key-take-outs-for-cmos-and-agencies

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