FlyingCodes Simple Interactions —Facilitating Trips for the Blind

FlyingCodes Simple Interactions —Facilitating Trips for the Blind

“Guide Dog”, the smart traveling assistance device for blind people is going to be introduced to the blind people across the country under the vigorous promotion of China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) and the disabled persons’ federation institutions of all levels in Sichuan. It has special significance in the history of the blind’s trips in the cause of the handicapped people, signifying the change to traditional industries with advanced AI technology. Meanwhile, it has benchmarking significance in the technical development of FlyingCodes, marking that the FlyingCodes “orientation – link” spatial interaction technology has officially started its steps in the handicapped industry. In addition to bringing entirely different “quality” changes to the life of those visually impaired, the coverage of “Guide Dog” nationwide will be bound to affect the whole handicapped industry.

The smart trip wristband “Guide Dog” for the blind is an AI device that aims to improve the life quality of the blind and make their life easier with the FlyingCodes “orientation – link” spatial interaction patent technology and a number of FlyingCodes utility model patent technologies. Its main functions lie in that it gives the blind people confidence for their trips, provides trip safety and guidance for indoor targets and serves as eyes for identifying everyday objects. At the same time, “Guide Dog” seamlessly connects with families, benevolent volunteers, government institutions and social organizations through advanced technologies, such as data cloud computing analysis and “spatial interaction”.

In the test of the “Guide Dog” product experience, the product research team went to the blind person Mr. Song’s house under the introduction of the disabled persons’ federation institution and the guidance of way by volunteers. After the experience test of three rounds in one week, Mr. Song expressed his heartfelt thoughts that “Now, the design of items for the handicapped is getting increasingly humanized with higher technological content. A small Guide Dog has substantially improved the safety for my trips and that Guide Dog has brought qualitative changes to my life!”

It is a kind of confidence and responsibility! As the core supporting technology for Guide Dog, the FlyingCodes interaction technology is going to bring smarter life and easier interactions to many other people like “Mr. Song” across the country with the popularization of “Guide Dog”!

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