New Hope in Spring – The Guide Dog’s Trial Class at Chengdu Special Education School

New Hope in Spring – The Guide Dog’s Trial Class at Chengdu Special Education School

March signals the time when spring awakes and brings everything back to life. This March brings new hope to the students in Chengdu Special Education School – a school for kids who have special needs in Chengdu, as they run freely and joyfully inside and outside the school with the aid of alerting indicators. Their vitality, youthfulness, and strength touched and inspired each one of us. We are so proud of you, kids!

In an unprecedented class, children carefully listened to the instruction given by professional instructors and explored the new devices with curiosity. They were overjoyed to find that these devices on their hands can help them “see” (scan) the road and the life ahead. Indeed, March is a season for sowing seeds of hope. The smart “Guide Dog” device adopts world-leading technologies and is designed to assist the blind people to walk more freely and safely. Although it took the whole GZTech Group team more than 200 days and nights to develop the device, the hope it brought to these children makes it all worthwhile.

At the invitation of Lei Ying, an expert in blind people’s traveling safety, the smart “Guide Dog” assistive device team gave a pre-production demo and instructional trial class for the blind students in the Chengdu Special Education School. The School highly appraised GZTech Group’s initiative of introducing highly advanced technologies into the life of the blind group and reached a preliminary cooperative agreement on teaching and application with GZTech Group. The School hopes that GZTech Group could develop assistive products designed for teaching process, allowing the blind students to travel safely and live a better life. It is believed that this could be the best way to prepare these vulnerable disabled kids for a brighter future.


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