Our founder Ardy Lee’s interview appearance on Bloomberg Television

Our founder Ardy Lee’s interview appearance on Bloomberg Television

It was on the afternoon of July 14, 2017.  The air was crisp, right after the 2nd typhoon in 2017, Typhoon Merbok, visited Hong Kong.  Ardy Lee, the founder of FlyingCodes, was being interviewed in the Hong Kong Bloomberg Television studio.
This interview covered the latest, the hottest, and the most current technical topics from major aspects such as market overview, public issue, and breaking news.  By presenting a whole picture of FlyingCodes’s new technologies and interpreting future tech development trends, Ardy tried to share with viewers the essential difficulties of venturing and his personal findings, in relation to being, feeling, and creating happiness.
Ardy Lee talked about how he feels about the future development, as well as shared his views regarding Smart devices and the IoT industry.  Not only he showed the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship, the positive attitude toward challenges, and explorations and efforts in the venturing process, but also he mentioned how the FlyingCodes interactive technology is successful with the market, and the difficulties and concerns FlyingCodes met in the actual market operation while following the guidance of market demands. The interview was active, smooth, and went very well.
By guesting on the Bloomberg Television live interview, it is a compliment to Ardy Lee for his dedication to his entrepreneurship, and accreditation to the FlyingCodes interactive technology for further developments toward superior user experiences.  At the top of the trend, FlyingCodes will be moving forward with society, for the development and innovation of a better tomorrow.

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